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Big Lo at the Sonics training facility,Go Sonics

On this site I'll include everything I know about my favorite Seattle teams.The little things not everybody gets to see unless their loyalty is above and beyond the normal everyday fans.I go a lot further, I'm at the airport everytime the teams leave and come back,so I see a lot more than your average fan.

1st place in the Northwest division.Nobody
believed me but I felt with nobody thinking they would be in the race they could be a backdoor team.GO SONICS !!!

In the News

The annual Seahawker banquet
Big Lo as he was presenting Matt Hassellbeck with the "Most Improved" player award at the banquet.

In this area I might put any late-breaking news, such as last night's score or any injuries or trade rumors.

Trivia Question

To encourage visitors to check back often, in this area I'll put a different trivia question each week or even each day. Here's an example of a trivia question:

Pedro and Ramon Martinez are among a select group of brothers who've pitched for the same team at the same time. How many others in the group can you name?

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Big Lo The SEA-Fense Guy (used to be D-fense)