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Game Reports

Yesterday's game in detail. I'll tell ya who I met,what they are like and how easy it is to get their autograph!!!

Shawn Marion is AWESOME!! Good signer, good guy, and one heck of a ball player!!

Bruce Bowen is very cool...
He's a great guy and good with fans.Thank You Bruce!!!

Big Lo and Juwan Howard
He's really cool and YES he still LOVES McDonalds french fries.


Amare Stoudemire is AWESOME !!! Thanks Amare for taking the time to sign the jerseys. You are truly a GREAT player on and off the court...

Big Lo and Andrei Kirilenko after Sonics and Jazz Game. This guy can play some ball and he's cool!!!

We've had a couple (O.K. a few ) rough games lately. But being a loyal fan,you've got to stay true to your team,or you ARE no fan!!!!! GO SONICS.

Big Lo and Ben Wallace after Sonics and Pistons game

Hey Rasheed SMILE !!! He was actually pretty cool. He signed 3 things for me.

Ben Wallace is a cool cat,good signer and  a funny guy he and Rasheed were hamming it up after the game

Heroes and Goats

Big Lo and Antonio Daniels

Antonio Daniels is my newest hero.He's a very nice guy and wow does he bring energy to the court.I hope we keep him in Seattle for years to come.As far as goats go, I don't believe in talking bad about anyone.It may come back to haunt you!!! You're the MAN A.D. !!! Thanks...