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Favorite Players


On this page I'll talk about some of my favorite players on my favorite team. It's going to be hard to choose just two or three!

Big Lo With Bobby Engram and Chad Eaton (get well Chad)

First Favorite Player

Big Lo,my nephews and Koren Robinson

My favorite players!!! That's a funny one since I have and know so many I've not missed a Seattle Seahawks game in 15 seasons.And I don't plan on missing any in the next 15!!So, I'm listing  the Hawks First...Darrell Jackson,Koren Robinson,Bobby Engram,Shawn Springs,Shaun Alexander,Matt Hassellbeck,Marcus Trufant,and the rest of the Seahawks, are my favorites just to name a few!!! Besides Terrell Owens' sharpiegate football I was the only recipient of a touchdown ball which I recieved from D-Jack (he's a cool cat) 

The last T.D. scored in the first year of the new stadium I got the ball!! Thank you Darrell

Another Favorite Player

What I believe to be the BEST trio of recievers in the N.F.L.

Darrell, Koren, and Bobby may not be big in size ,but they're huge when it comes to big plays they can bust out for big gains at any time. So next season WATCH OUT for "The 3 Amigos" and the "Sprinkler" coming soon to a stadium near you...

Me and My hairdo by Paul at Paul's Custom Cut's