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Things ya might wanna know...

Me And My Buddy Rashard Lewis (A Great Guy!!)

On this page I'll include the obvious and arcane facts and stats that we sports fans love so much. Hey, it's all important!

Since what we're ultimately interested in is seeing this team take its rightful place in the championship circle, in this main area I might include the current league standings. I might talk about how the season is going and analyze how good (or bad!) I feel my team's chances are given the upcoming schedule.

I also might discuss other teams that I think my team needs to be worried about.

Big Lo and Coach Mike Holmgren

To Whom it May Concern !!!

In this area, I 'll write letters either I've recieved or letters that I'd like people to see that I would right to teams, owners, and such...

Dear Howard, Rick, And Wally,    Don't blow it this summer get the jobs done.  #1 Keep Nate in town.  #2 sign Ray Allen to a multi year contract.#3 sign Brent Barry so he can finish his career here. #4 DON'T TRADE RASHARD LEWIS or ANTONIO DANIELS . #5 Ronald Murray is a keeper as are Reggie and Ansu... Thank you  from,a devoted  BIG fan !!!                                                                                                



In this area I might list my team's next few upcoming games, for example:

The Sonics play 1 more down in L.A. against the Clippers.No playoffs this year but next year,
And the Mariners have had a rough start 
but they will be okay, I promise!!!
The Mariners play 3 in Anaheim
then come home to face Texas and Oakland.  
And  soon very soon The STORM season starts !!!!